Ian Paradis

Ian Paradis

Director Of Customer Experience
& Operations Manager

BS in Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University
MS in Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University

Ian had been a long-time client prior to joining the
Hultquist Firm in 2020. Ian’s career started in manufacturing implementing lean
principles, material planning, and managing a large custom product customer
service team. Later, as a Six sigma Black Belt, Ian implemented continuous
improvement projects to corporate locations across North America. After getting
burned out on 100% travel, Ian became a Sales Engineer and Project Manager for
the manufacture and supply of electrification components working
internationally. At the age of 33, Ian became President of Transtech, a North
American subsidiary of a private multinational company.  His varied
background allowed him to 4X the business before supporting in the sale and
merger into a publicly traded company. Afterwards he acquired a local
embroidery (lifestyle) business and transformed it into a progressive company
providing uniforms to companies across the country via a custom online ordering
software. Ian loves to apply his experience and passion for entrepreneurial
business, continuous improvement, psychology, and strategic planning to build
high performing companies.

Personal Tidbits:
He enjoys building stuff, funny cat videos, deep thoughts,
cool cars and long walks on the beach!


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