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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a passion for visualizing something and then putting the pieces together to build it. I would design and construct models, puzzles and structures of every shape and size. In college, I was an Architecture major, and even considered a career as an architect at one point. Eventually, I recognized the fact that my true talent and skill lay not in drawing lines, but in “crunching numbers,” as they say. In many ways, the parallels between architecture and accounting are quite similar—but instead of designing buildings, I help companies and individuals construct a strong, stable financial foundation that serves their needs well into the future.
– Mat Hultquist, Founder of The Hultquist Firm

To that end, The Hultquist Firm was founded in 2003 with two specific objectives:


To help People save Money on their taxes


to help companies & individuals construct a solid financial future

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