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The Best Investment for 2014

untitledGold, silver, small caps, large caps, value, growth – what is the best investment for 2014? Are you confused by various investment reports, pundit recommendations on where to put money, and the talking heads who are all “experts” on TV?

Can you guess what the “next hot sector” is and where you will get the best return?

Here’s a secret – it’s a guess, even by the most schooled and experienced investors, it’s a guess.

So if it’s a guess, sometimes it’s right and sometimes it’s wrong. And if this is the case, why do you continue to pay someone for this advice that doesn’t work? Or why do you continue to listen when you know it’s a guess?

You don’t need annuities, whole life insurance, some fancy gold derivative or any other return you try to chase based on some “expert” opinion. Investors waste billions every year on so called experts that say they will beat the market…but it rarely happens, and it’s very expensive. So simply don’t play this game and don’t chase returns.

So here is the best investment for 2014 – SIMPLICITY!

Look, investing is not rocket science by any means. If you don’t understand an investment, then don’t invest in it, it’s that simple! JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE!

So, as we go into 2014, don’t be duped by every “expert” out there, set your goals of where you want to be and how much you need, and then keep your investments simple! Is it sexy? No, but it works and you’ll thank me later.

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