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What to Look for When Choosing Bookkeeping Services in Greenville SC

Bookkeeping services greenville sc
Bookeepers, accountants and CFO’s are different!

Many small businesses looking for bookkeeping services in Greenville, SC need to first determine what their need is in their business.

Bookkeeping services can vary widely in Greenville SC, so you need to understand the primary differences between a bookkeeper, an accountant and a fractional CFO.

A bookkeeper generally does data entry into a program like Quickbooks. They are not necessarily trained in accounting, but they may know how to use Quickbooks. If you need someone that is low cost, and all you need them to do is enter data, like bills, then a bookkeeper could be your best bet. Because of the nature of the work bookkeepers do, don’t expect them to understand your financial statements or give you advice on how your company is doing.

An accountant also does data entry, but they generally have some type of education in accounting. They can go beyond mere data entry and produce financial statements for you. They generally are going to understand the nuances of accounting and what effect transactions will have on your financial statements.

Finally, a CFO, or a fractional CFO, is someone who thinks more strategically. They understand forecasting and cash flow and can help you not only interpret your financial statements, but also help you make strategic decisions about the future.

A bookkeeper and accountant generally look at the past, and a CFO generally looks forward.

So, while you are looking for bookkeeping services in Greenville SC, it’s important to understand these distinctions so that you know who, or what firm, to hire. If you need someone who really understands accounting and can record items accurately, then go with an accountant. If you need someone to just do data entry, hire a bookkeeper. And if you need someone to help think strategically, hire a fractional CFO.

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