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How Much Do Small Business Accounting Services Cost?

Before you can gauge how much do small business accounting services cost, you have to ask yourself a few questions first. I say this because the cost can vary widely, depending on what you want and what you need. When pricing the various small business accounting providers, answer the following questions first: Do you just […]

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A Simple Way to Spot Issues in Your Financial Statements

Most CPA’s seem to start with the assumption that a business owner should know how to read a financial statement. When a client has a question about their business or cash flow, a CPA’s typical response is “well, you need to review your financial statements each month.” I’ve worked with enough business owners to understand […]

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The Quickest Ways to Go Out of Business

Most entrepreneurs love sales. The more sales the better. They use words like scale and velocity and other fancy terms for growth. But in the “real” day-to-day world of starting and running a business, sales are sales, no matter what you prefer to call them. And chasing sales for sales sake is a sure-fire way […]

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Bookkeeping That Will Transform Your Business

Is one of the most mundane parts of your business the bookkeeping?  You work 80 hours a week, then dread sitting down for 4 hours on a Saturday to catch up the accounting – entering bills, invoices, payments, deposits and reconciling accounts. Fun… So you hire a bookkeeper to come in and do your bookkeeping.  […]

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Discounts Are Like Cancer

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I understand the need for sales. Obviously getting that revenue is vital to the success of your business. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of getting revenue for revenue’s sake. When your ultimate goal is revenue growth, and you focus so intently on new business and new […]

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Relying on Just Your Profit and Loss Statement Will Make You Broke

As a CPA, I meet with a lot of business owners, and it never surprises me when I hear them say “we have a profit, but I never have any cash!” It’s definitely a real concern…and there’s a relatively simple solution. First off, make sure your accounting is right. As the old saying goes, garbage […]

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Why Bookkeeping Is Vital…

I can’t think of anything more boring for a business owner than bookkeeping!  I don’t know many small business owners who really enjoy doing it.  But bookkeeping is deceiving.  It’s deceiving because it is so essential to your success – and not just entering numbers wherever you want, but having your bookkeeping done right.  And […]

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How To Get More Cash For Your Business In 2014

Ah, cash!  I love having cash in my business, don’t you?  I know it’s a cliché, but if you own a business, you know cash really is king.  It’s stressful when it’s tight, and people don’t really know what it’s like to worry about having to meet payroll or pay rent. So, here are a […]

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