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5 Business Tax Planning Ideas To Ask Your CPA About Before Year-End

If your CPA has not approached you yet about year-end tax planning, you may have to approach them to get the ball rolling. Here are 5 tax planning ideas to bring up that could save you some money… -New 20% deduction – many businesses will qualify, but many won’t. This is especially true for service […]

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How to Pay Less State Taxes with State Tax Credits

Are you aware that you can pay less state taxes than you currently are by using state tax credits? I meet with a lot of people – business owners and non-business owners, and I would say that 95% of them had no idea that they could take advantage of this opportunity. And it’s pretty simple […]

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How to (Potentially) Circumvent the $10,000 Cap on State and Local Tax Deductions

Under the new Trump tax law, individuals are limited in deducting state and local taxes up to $10,000.  There has been a lot in the news lately about high-tax states trying to circumvent this limitation by establishing state run non-profit organizations that allow state tax credits for contributions to the funds. By doing so, these […]

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Last Minute 2013 Tax Moves

Well, we are bearing down on December 31st, and in our world that means more than just holiday parties and gifts. To us, it’s the last chance for you to do any tax planning before year-end. Not to beat a dead horse, but if you wait until after year-end, your options become really limited. So, […]

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When Should a Company Hire a Fractional CFO (Part-Time CFO)?

Plain and simple, the best time is when a company needs to get the expertise needed at a fraction of the cost.  Most small companies have many of the same needs to that of a large business when it comes to the finance and accounting function.  The biggest difference is that they don’t need it […]

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