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IMPORTANT Message From The Hultquist Firm

While the formal announcement of an exciting new addition to The Hultquist Group of Companies is not scheduled until the New Year, it seems timely to let you know about a powerful financial planning and investment advisory solution to be offered to our tax/consulting clients and their families.

For years I have been frustrated with the status quo of the financial planning profession. Life is fast-paced and very complicated for all of us. In order to make the most of the one life we have, it is necessary to plan properly and to invest prudently. Unfortunately, what I mostly see is less-than-impressive planning analytics and self-serving advisors whose focus is not entirely on the well-being of their clients. Because this is important -even vital – to my clients, I have had a strong motivation to meet this need, but have never found the perfect solution – until now.

As is often the case, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So in keeping with this philosophy, THG Advisors, LLC (THGA) has been created and registered with the State of South Carolina as a Registered Investment Advisory firm to provide sound fee-only financial planning and low-cost investment advisory services to the tax and consulting clients of The Hultquist Firm. Complete details will be released during the formal announcement in January. However, with the country possibly facing another recession and many of your valued dreams under attack, I want you to know that help is on the way.

What I can tell you at this point is that I have secured a nationally recognized Certified Financial Planning professional with thirty years of experience to oversee the day-to-day operations of THGA using a planning and investment philosophy that makes sense to me. Furthermore, given the uncertainties created by the election, the fiscal cliff, QE3, and numerous other volatile geo-political issues, the processes to be employed by THGA will – in my opinion – give my clients the best chance of making the most of the one life they have been given.

More to follow…

Best Regards,

Mat Hultquist, CPA

P.S. The benefits of moving your planning relationship to THG Advisors will be significant. Complete details will be released in late December or early January.

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