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Tax Strategy & Planning

Are you sick and tired of your CPA being reactive and not proactive?  In today’s ever changing tax environment, you need a CPA Firm that does not constantly look in the rearview mirror. At The Hultquist Firm, tax strategy and planning plays a part in everything we do.

Many people come to us for sound, down-to-earth advice in the following situations:


They own a business (or multiple businesses)


They own investment Real estate


They inherited money


They have stock options


They are Preparing for retirement


They moved & worked in multiple states


They work outside of the united states


They simply just want to reduce how much they legally have to pay to Uncle Sam

We go beyond simply preparing your tax returns year in and year out.  By constantly looking forward and correctly structuring transactions, we become an integral part of your team in reducing taxes in the future.  Schedule a Free Consultation with us today and see how much you could save!

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