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You Have to ACT FAST to Take Advantage of This 2018 Tax Planning Opportunity

There are a lot of tax planning opportunities to take advantage of before December 31st.  But there is one that you need to implement in the next couple of weeks and it could save you a lot in taxes. It’s setting up a safe-harbor 401(k) plan for 2018. Many times, small business owners think 401(k)’s […]

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Why A Tax Return Refund Is Stupid

It’s funny when people get excited about getting a refund on their tax return.  Sometimes it’s an excitement because they don’t owe money, but a lot of times it’s because they get one every yearand depend on that refund to pay off credit cards or buy stuff. Many people know this, but when you get […]

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5 Common Tax Return Preparation Mistakes

Greenville, South Carolina is such a great place to live – this part of the country is beautiful and the people here are absolutely fantastic.  And I consider it a blessing to be able to help these people navigate the complex system called the tax code. And for those we don’t have the privilege of […]

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